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Matas A/S

DB-IT har gennem de seneste 10 år leveret dyb teknisk kompetence i forhold til særligt performance optimering af Matas Dynamics AX miljø samt bistået i rådgivning af generel database design. Det har haft stor værdi for vores drift at vide, at der altid er en specialist lige ved hånden – også når det brænder på kl. 2 om natten!

Thomas Grane
Direktør, Teknologi og Organisation

WE have released our module for Monitoring , both performance and application Issues The module can be installed on any Server and need a SQL-Server to store its repository database, and will monitor things like New Errors in Event log or SQL ERRORLOG, Number sequences free and Format, AOS/SQL and CDB health Status, Long/large Transaction and TEMPDB, for Retail Transaction not delivered to AX, master data not send to POS, Missing Transaction LOG backup, or long running Backup, Performance related , status and Alarms, and many other Check/alarms.

All alarms and Status check can be sent via EMAIL or Event log.

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DB-it (pronounced debit) was founded by Erik Blinkenberg Jessen, who for more than 20 years has been working with technology, first Damgaard XAL, back to the pilot installation on Unix with Oracle 6, up to Navision/Microsoft Axapta.
Through his career, Erik was first employed with Dansk System Data in Esbjerg, followed by almost 6 years as technically responsible for Thy Data Center in Thisted, and finally one of the people WHO started  Miracle A/S where he worked on projects in Denmark/Germany as well as Malaysia, including installation and trouble shooting on Axapta/XAL in 24*7 environments, on both Oracle and SQL-Server. Erik is specialist in both Performances troubleshooting mainly with global implantations, and typical with a Multi-Terabyte database.
The company is working with response-based analyses in connection with trouble shooting on systems, including Axapta.


This can be said with a single phrase

Optimizations for the Future

Through partner/customer alliances with Danish and international suppliers, to give advice and install infrastructure for ERP systems, and performance optimization on these, primarily focusing on products from Microsoft Dynamics AX Solutions

Focusing on the development of trouble shooting methods for multi-tier ERP systems and the construction of systems to secure working stability, DB-it, is to develop into an international strategic partner for all Microsoft ERP partners in Europe and Asia being second to none as regards technical knowledge concerning Dynamics AX systems.
Being a sparring partner to both associates and customers within the following areas:

  • Infrastructure
  • Storage Setup
  • Capacity planning
  • Teaching Performance and Diagnoses on Axapta as well as Security and Integration
  • Troubleshooting of systems, not just the Database but also sparring with developers in e.g. X++, and business logic
  • Monitoring of system to improve working stability
  • Proactive performance procedure