• Consultancy paid by the hour.
  • Design and sizing of infrastructure, in connection with project upstarts
  • Design of storage setup in order to secure the customer a stable performance in future
  • Securing of performance/stability during development phases.
  • “Missing link” between developers/consultants as well as technicians in order to make sure that everybody speaks the same language.
  • Design of necessary monitorings points to secure working stability.


  • System review before/after operation.
  • Current monitoring of potential performance problems, including analysis of present/potential bottle necks.
  • Can customers utilize their investments better.
  • Capacity planning of hardward/storage
  • Current teaching of the customer’s it-staff, to make sure that they are able to solve the vast majortiy of problems.
  • Trouble Shooting on the system, i.e. everything from storage/hardware to business logic.
  • Remote Support


Payment Term for DB-IT Aps 2013 in Danish